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Nice Multihack :o!


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A reg on a server messaged me and said hey jinx come look at this guy in spec, so duely joined spec to see a player with a 150 ping shooting walls and tracking through them!


I took a demo and i managed to get 3 pb ss 2 of which are interesting!





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Yeah its a shame but the admins who run it choose not to for their own reasons :)


Was pretty chuffed tis my first catch B)


This hack though, i have seen before particulary in American players that come to this euro server, it has a very obvious movement to it.


But i think FoZZer can smell them before they have even connected :huh:

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I play sometime on this server sometime.


Too bad they 'got cheaters :( I really hope he got banned, did he ?


Nice couple of screenshots btw, great catch.


Could you send me the demo if you still have it ? I'd like to see how haxors play and maybe i will bust one :-9


Ps : Don't laf at my english I'm french



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Ask som eof the allstars admins for it, it was uploaded onto their site if i remember rightly.


It was a good catch more of a team effort reg, admin and me.

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kill bill eh - who'd have thought :(

just so he aint confused with any other killbill;


d322d1d198789ff0513800f83bddf4b5 - User IP


Alias(s) (4)






IP Address(s) (7) (Canada) (Canada) (Canada) (Canada) (Canada) (Canada) (Canada)

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