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LAN party tax hits Swedish gamers


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Gamers in Sweden suffer a hard financial blow as authorities decide to tax so-called LAN parties. From now on, organizers of multiplayer get-togethers will be forced to pay a fee of up to $5,000 in order to receive a "permit" to connect PCs and video game consoles for gaming purposes.


Read More: http://www.friatider.se/lan-party-tax-hits-swedish-gamers

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comment from a Swedish friend


Yeah I know, I read about it today. A thing like this can only happen in Sweden where the most and highest taxes in the friggin' world is exacted. Ass-butts!


You know, we have something similar to counties over here, and one of these tried to tax the citizens for the amount of rain that occured over the county every month. It didn't take of course but it does give you a hint of how greedy these sons of bitches can be. I mean seriously, wtf???

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i kind of fail to see the relation with slot machines. everyone brings his own pc and last time i checked people didnt need to put quarters into them. I just think the Swedish government were feeling cheated out of their cut. But of course, if these are events you have to pay to get into, that's just a matter of time before they tax it :)

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