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Had to switch PB off

RED Alec

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Really weird this one, MD5 keeps booting people out for mismatch of SOF2.exe


But it seems completely random, I got kicked a dozen times yeterday, but only once today and my game is a clean install.


It sucks, I have PB on one of my 3 servers but I had hoped to add it to the other two as well. Has anyone heard anything, web searches only show the question being asked a lot in the last week or so.


I figured I might ask here since there are a lot of you guys with a fair bit of savvy on PB., a fair bit more than me anyways.






PS. Yes I have updated server and client side, it made no difference.

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The message from the logfile is [06.12.2006 14:09:37] VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002: Joey (slot #3) MD5Tool Mismatch: sof2mp.exe (len=16) [9bd241fa02e4b3bb08ef3bd58e91feaa(-)]


But there's just too many of them for it be real. One day's violation log is 36KB!!!!


So, I've switched of the check for sof2mp.exe (which make me a little nervous) but I have another big one


[06.12.2006 14:06:58] VIOLATION (COMFAIL) #133: ^!d^2h^3t ^$j^5o^5^6r^6^7en ^9 (slot #10) No Packet Flow [?(-)]


Here's what I don't understand. Everything was fine until the other day, now it's like my PB has got PMT, it just seems to hate everybody. I half expect the next MD5 message to be "because I felt like it".


I've attached a copy of my sv_viol.log file maybe it is of some use if anyone has time to look. Almost all the players kicked can play in GC servers without any problem - incidentally, it is an identical copy of GC's config files.


It kicks for a violation, you reconnect and can play all night with no problems - or it might kick you for the same thing again, or something else. It's really weird.


I get the feeling there's something small and insignificant I have forgotten to do, or done which I should not have.


Any pointers would be appreciated.



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[06.12.2006 14:06:58] VIOLATION (COMFAIL) #133: ^!d^2h^3t ^$j^5o^5^6r^6^7en ^9 (slot #10) No Packet Flow [?(-)]


this issue can be caused by multiple reasons


1 your pb isnt up to date or is corrupt

2 your on a router and losing connections with pb

3 you lag out and it will kick you for this issue


theres probally others but thats just a sample


you can always disable the checks for standard game files and leave all files other then stock game files to be scanned (meaning like sof2mp.exe etc) where as ones that are stock gnabot.exe

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Yes, that's what I've done


But it makes me a little nervous, I'm not up to speeed on game hacking so I don't know which of the stock game files are more important to scan than the others.


PB is definately up to date though, and lag should not be an issue since the guy who helped me do the config uses the same provider, in fact our game servers share the same box'


I've got PB running on all three servers now, but just as above. I'll try replacing the pb files and see if that fixes the issue.



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