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Former admin attempting dispute from donation

Ice Man

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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for advice, going to make this short and sweet. We had an admin make a large donation to us in Sept of 2013. The admin in question was warned before about his actions against players in the server. Last week he stepped over the line (kicking / banning multiple players for no reason in one day) and we asked him for any reasoning and he didn't give it to us. We removed him as an admin. 

Today he attempted a dispute with paypal, but was promptly denied due to it being over 45 days. I received an email warning me of this.

I have a feeling he will attempt a charge back with his bank / Credit Card company.

Any advice in fighting a charge back with paypal and his bank? Has anyone had a member do this before?

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i know as using paypal with my business is a hassle at times. basically, the bank would contact paypal and paypal would simple tell them where the payment went and will basically give them the same thing they told me.



once a payment has reached the 45 days it can not be returned as the reciever may not have the funds to return the payment. if it was a bank to bank they can force a return but with paypal they can simple tell him its his lost and he wil have to file with the credit bureau.



that take a while and then doent garrentee that the fund will be returned.


i would loook at it this way. dont worry about it too much. if hes that much of a dick then he needs to go and if your really worried like surfy siad pay him back.


i wouldn't pay back in full figure out the ammoint divided buy the monthly contributions used and then return the unused portion.


after all he did use the services that it was intented to pay for anyway.

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I'd just get him out of your clans life and pay the money back... anything for an easy life.  Some people just aren't suited to being admins.  Hot heads are a definite no no and will only ever end in situations like this.


^^ this


if at all possible, give him his money back along with a detailed map to outside your community.



in any event, show him the door

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I would go as far as to say he broke the terms so shouldn't get any refund due to his own actions. Think about the potential damages to your reputation and server/s that he may have caused. I am a bit late posting but thats my opinion, the worst that can happen is you are forced to pay him his money back so why back down so easily?


Was there an outcome?

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Well, the original outcome was an auto denial from paypal for being over 45 days.


Wasn't concerned about that as much as him attempting to go to his bank and then disputing it through his bank. If he attempted it through the bank I would have had to prove it was a donation, blah blah blah.


Anyways I haven't been contacted by paypal due to a chargeback from his bank yet.. No idea if he actually tried it or not.


We did send him a strongly worded email explaining what exactly he purchased with a reserve slot, how it has zero effect on his adminship (was an admin since 2012), and how we have proof that he harassed other players on our servers by abusing the powers he was given. We also let him know that he wasn't banned from our servers (I would like to) and he still has the original access given to him.


Been a little busy with work, but we're going to put together a new donation TOS so we will be protected in the future.

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