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there is a revolutionary way of streaming using the recently released pbucon facility from evenbalance.

a couple of questions for ya :)


do you want a detected cheater on another rtcw server added to your pbbans.dat without lifting a finger ?

do you want a better method of hassle free streaming ?

do you want to take advantage of some of the newer features the PBBans team are working on utilising pbucon to its full advantage ?


if you answer yes then taking part in the pbucon testing phase is the answer for you .. details can be found here click me


an example of using this system to stream .. if there are 100 rtcw servers using the PBBans hub and a player is detected with a hack on one server .. a few seconds later the other 99 servers have that same ban in their pbbans,dat


if you already stream to PBBans please leave your existing setup as it is untill the trials are finished just to make sure no llama's fall through any cracks that might appear :)


if you stream to another anti cheat site then just follow the instructions in the link above and hey presto, your multistreaming but you now have the added advantage of being upgraded to streaming game admin and have all the access that our streaming game admins currently enjoy :)

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heh heh both CnN and ARC servers are now using PBUCON, cheers Foxdie, and within minutes the first ET update went through :-)

so did the catch that was made on jolt5 :D

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Yep your catch was showing fairly quickly.

saves me downloading and merging pbbans.dat data

saves you downloading anything :P PBBans hub users can just sit back and all updates etc are done for ya :)

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lol was a joke, and I certainly wouldn't want md5 checks being added automactically. Specially seeing as leagues have specified those in configs before and mean't as a mac user I've been excluded cause they never captured values for us.

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