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player connecting freezes everyone

D~X Jugulator

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We have a player that comes on our server regularly, and has come into other servers when ive been there. As hes connecting, it freezes all the players in the server, usually for a few seconds, depending on how long it takes him to connect. Have seen it last for up to 6 or 7seconds. Any idea what would cause this? It happens everytime he connects.

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if it is a player name with extended ascii characters that is causing this freeze - it can be controlled using this pbcvar command



PB_SV_ExtChar [0/1]

The default setting of 0 tells PunkBuster to disallow extended ASCII Characters in player names; for the purposes of this command, characters that cannot be easily entered with simple keystrokes are considered extended

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He doesnt have extended characters in his name, but he is in Belgium and is connecting to a texas server. The thing that concerns me, is this is something that started happening with him about a month ago, prior to that there was no problems when he connected. Hes a very good player, so im questioning the poor connection thing, but i just dont know. His ping is usually in the 165 range.

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I've got a smiliair thing. Sometimes when someone connects some peoples oputfitting goes crazy. Wich means the gun switches to burst or single, the thermals go off and on and you stand still for a sec or more. Can this be because of the ASCII too?

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