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Question: PB and beta OS


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Will punk buster always return accurate info on players using beta versions of Windows OS? For instance, can I trust a log showing a player being kicked for a 131131 (Unknown Windows AGI function) when the player is using a 32 bit Vista beta 2 OS?

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I had this problem myself once after evenbalance sended me a file what THEY MADE cause i had some troubles with lag and stuf. After i replaced their file i got the message after i replaced it back it was ok. So i think pb wont be able to read all out of beta's from vista and gives that kick , its no cheat.


Better idea start streaming here at pbbans, then the cheaters on your server will get caught automaticly. suc-6

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running any beta o/s and gaming is not recommended - ms and pb offer no support for beta o/s and already we have had someone being flagged for a hack violation by pb which was later removed via the trouble ticket system - not worth the bother imo :)

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Just to back up what Fozzer said about Vista.I submitted a ticket to EB just to see what the status was on Vista and PB and this was their reply.




09/13/2006 01:20:03 - "Wouter Tromp"

Note #2: Unfortunately Punkbuster is not supporting Windows Vista at present time. Since Windows Vista is currently in beta-stages, it is meant purely for testing purposes and not intended for online game play (yet). When Windows Vista is commercially available, we'll make sure Punkbuster is compatible for all the games we support.

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Just lookie here and reconsider if the whole "beta-testing at own risk" is worth the headache; this thread answers most questions, incl. it's no matter of trust, only evenbalance can resolve cases like that via trouble-ticket, till eb hands out a false positive confirmation a corresponding ban has to stay.

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