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Strange behavor of PB 1.229


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Now we are confused! We have now updated our Punkbuster-Clients and the Server to the Latest

versions with "pbsetup.exe" according to "http://www.evenbalance.com" And we getting the

version when asking in Console. (Server ver: 1.229 - Client ver: 1.232)

BUT....Even with the /PB_SV_DISABLE/ on the Server It seems to be on. Well the game does

not say so, and you can enter the Game without PB on. But you get the message that you can

se in the Dump. And on and of we get kicked for "NO PACKET FLOW" as

the contact dont always reach the PB Security.

But if we have the /PB_SV_DISABLE/, the Server should not behave like this at all.

The Server is Restarted several times And we tryed with RCON also!

Our Server is on http://www.gameservers.com and their Support is not so helpful in this matter!


Posted Image

Please assist Q!

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The latest version of PB as i type for sof2 is - server:v1.229 client:v1.232 A1363


You can check what version is running on your server by typing pb_sv_ver via rcon server response should be:12:06:51 ^3PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v1.229 | A1363 C1.232) Enabled


The normal way any Q3 engine game enables PB is to have a single command line in the server.cfg:

// punkbuster


It may also be enabled by adding this switch to your server start file command line:

+set sv_punkbuster 1

PunkBuster cannot be Disabled immediately during the middle of gameplay. Choosing to Disable PunkBuster by any method will set PunkBuster into Disabled mode but that does not take effect until the entire game is restarted and if the above commands are still present in your server.cfg or start file you will be back were you first started after every reboot.


why are you trying to disable PB btw ? - If anything is needed on a server as a matter of priorities PB would be #1


**edit** your server is showing in HLSW - anticheat tool none which is like saying to every lamer with a hack and a copy of sof2 - "come use your hacks here"

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why are you trying to disable PB btw ? - If anything is needed on a server as a matter of priorities PB would be #1

Good question fozzer I was wondering that as well. Made all the more interesting by the fact that DukeBomBazz has just challenged my clan -=Garbage Animals=- to a scrim :rolleyes:

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@Dingo.......I think he disabled it cause it causes peeps to get disconnected for 'no packet flow' easy correctable using the update software provided at EB or do it manualy.


@DukeBomBazz........Did you checked if your client version matches the one your suppose to have. I see you updated your server, but what about YOU, your game?

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Hi Guys!


Thanx for your respons...

Our Sweet and Neat Support of GameServers.com has fixt it!

They needed to reinstall Server to correct the NoSynq between PB and us!


It´s nice to se you -=Garbage DinGo=- here on PBBans.

We feel more Safe now to know that some of our match-opponents play strait! :)

Hope to see you on the Battlefield soon.... B)

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