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Server not streaming


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Well i just check and it not striming and my power here on the site as a streaming adming are gone i will set the server back on the HUB Toolone more time and see if that fix it

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Does your server restart from time to time?

Everyday or every 2 days?


It's known that some GSP's restart their servers with a fresh pbsv.cfg file.

That's why you need to install the streaming again and again.


In that case you have to ask them for a solution to keep the file as it was.

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Well yea i when and i got a new server with another company so that wil do it ...another thing is why i'm a light streaming admin i'm old to this i had server with yo guys since BF2 all around but i lost my acc password so i create a newone but i think is deactivate here is the link http://www.pbbans.com/forums/kodsgtbullet-m151956.html  i use to have full admin but i guess i lost that so please can i get an upgrade thanks

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We introduced streaming requirements some years ago.  Upon your account being reactivated we always check if teams still meet those requirements.  In your case the supplied website http://0xfe.weebly.com/ is no longer accessible.  Do you have a new one so that we can update the information?

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first thing i checked    http://fatalerrorgaming.com/index.php?/members/


Sorry, you don't have permission for that!

You do not have permission to view the member listing.

Need Help?


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