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i never noticed hub making lag on my 40 slot server.and alreay stream to hub since its started alsow stream to rep :lol: do you have autoss on?

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Hi...I´m Back! :P


Sorry, but since we started to HUB-stream, our PING has doubled! <_>

Is this common?

streaming has a negligible effect on players ping and if streaming was the culprit i'm sure our streaming game admins would have raised the issue before now :)

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no its not. Should I remove it from hub?

Thanx..But for now we are looking for other Server issues that can be the problem. :blink:

I get back to you if we should try it...

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i thinks mostly that pb is making horrible lag. making rampage kicks for nothing and stuf like that.


So do i get that streaming to hub can raise players ping? I always drop it at pb. But then can inform my players that they dont have to worry about anything when they do get lag :)

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'streaming' in general doesnt cause lag, pb however in general does cause 'some' lag and/or use more resources then a server w/ pb disabled. This is why some server admins dont run pb, but in doing so their server is left open for the non legitimate players (cheaters).



People who are commonly 'laggy' due to pb are people with sub standard pc's (imo) or their connection settings aren't properly setup within the game (or their connection in general is poor) not to mention other factors like personal routers and their firewall and port forwarding schemes that some people neglect to setup.


there can be quite a few factors involved in why someone 'lags' i could make a fairly decent list of what they could be and still probably miss allot of things.

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i advised some of my users to turn down northon cause it interferes with pb


My server is located in the netherlands ( myself live there 2) and even i do get lag sometimes but i know its my graphic card ( fps probles and my router what is directly my adsl2+ modem with build in firewall


Poeple alsow get ping ( lag) when they get fps problems. causing things in youre screen not running stable.

I dont mind if the hub does create lag, cause better have lag then having my server full with 40 cheaters on the same time ;) i know pb is a log machine and it logs so many in it and well server needs to write all data in. So server usage what doesnt ends ofcourse. But just wanted to know if pbbans does can raise ping. Cause it does sometimes happends but its not that relevent to put pb down for it.


Most lag in et comes up when using etpub wich i do. So its not just pbbans alsow depends on the mod you run in most cases cause if i throw etpro on my server there is no lag at all. ;) even my ping goes from 50( on etpub) to 30 on (etpro)

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