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wow caught a cheater


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Dear pbbans

i caught a cheater but my pb didnt ban him automaticly.i have a demo to prove hes guilty.how is this possible,i havent set the pb broadcast to your systems,im goign to do it soon any help on improving my pb?

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PB is great cheat detection software but when combined with md5 scans and cvar checks it becomes truly l33t :)

all the latest hack cvars and md5 scans are collected for you and placed in the PBBans Master Config Index (MCI) this will be one of the things available to you when streaming is confirmed.


Hackers love finding servers with no extra cvar checks or md5 scans, once you initiate streaming and start busting them they will quickly move on and leave your regular player base with a clean gaming environment :)

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In most cases yes. But some aholes keep comming back (Dynamic A range IP... (WTF?!) Anyone a solution to that?)


MD5Tool and cvar checks are awesome, got a lot haxors. Streaming helps a lot.


Hope one day all IP's are static...



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yea but i have no where to link it from

For future reference when you submit either a demo or pbss dont hotlink to either use the file attach option. With demos zip them before attaching :).

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