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I need to explain something


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Hi , https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/207977347398369281/279258658322513921/Screenshot_20170209-093400.png [cdn.discordapp.com] ,well,supposedly i have 57 accounts on four game ,funny.This ip adress Non-profit organization Jablonka.cz is non-public ip adress i have this ip adress like next 1500 members in this organization and my local ip adress is https://imageshack.com/i/pmNH94MKp the other hand https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-view-ban-314249.html [pbbans.com] Diman2315 have ip adress and here is his list ip adress his account
Czech Republic 91.219.245.* 91.219.244.*
Russian Federation 176.50.141.*
Russian Federation 178.186.178.*
Russian Federation 178.186.182.*
Russian Federation 178.187.16.*
Russian Federation 178.187.60.*
Russian Federation 178.187.84.*
i have only my main account http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/TonnyAmontee/ [battlelog.battlefield.com] and this two from my friends http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/IIstuntmanII/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

​                                       http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Milhausino_CZ/
this diman and the other 53 accounts has nothing to do with me ,.Btw I live in Czech Republic and I never played before cod4 or that free to play battlefield . so someone explain what this is?


My main is not hacked and not banned same on this two account from my friends. I never cheating in the past  even in the presence and not even the future ,some people thinks that these 54 accounts is my including that 3 banned account .I believe it's 54 other people.But I do not understand. Maybe it's a problém shared IP address.I do not know.

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PBBans and other anti-cheat organizations keep track of your IP address every time you log into a streaming server.  The first screenshot that you linked shows all of the accounts that you have had a common IP address with at some time.


If you look at the MPI for you and the banned accounts, you have both logged in with the IP, but not at the same time.  Hover over the IP addresses on the MPI and you will see the dates that the player used that IP address.


BF3 --  Diman2315 from Dec 3, 2011 to Oct 15, 2012

BFP4F -- KAAKL     from Mar 26, 2012 to Mar 26, 2012

COD4 -- eSko         from Oct 27, 2012 to Oct 27, 2012


Your account used this IP address later.


TonnyAmontee from Nov 21, 2013 to Dec 18, 2015


The people that are saying that you own all these other accounts just do not know how to read the information on the MPI.  There is no overlap in the use of these other accounts with yours that I can see that proves the account is yours.  Unfortunately some people see a linked account and immediately assume that one player owns all of these accounts.

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i concur with Rollin_Coal_aka_WootWooo, feel free to quote & link to this topic.


Additionally i may stress, PBBans does not keep or maintain gaming-'accounts' of players whatsoever, this is a construct used by the BF-world (besides others, steam etc.); general differences and overlappings are represented in this topic : https://www.pbbans.com/forums/how-to-interpret-the-mpi-t161996.html

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If you have access to ACI history you can see that BF3 TonnyAmontee (8bd9ef73e641c10caa8faa210aee4206) have "IP link" with the account BF3 Prrredator (05aed79e7000bb19254da6d771f2f379) in date of 2013-08-18 04:13:442013-08-26 13:15:32 as well as BF3 Prrredator (05aed79e7000bb19254da6d771f2f379) have "IP link" with the account BF3 Diman2315 (bb7ff3c04f544e3e9557047c79b68cfd) in date of 2013-03-25 12:50:192013-04-28 10:59:50

TonnyAmontee continued to have the same IP address in the coming months! This may indicate that before TonnyAmontee he played on other accounts and cheated, but i cant understand for what he did it.. Is not it?

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Hope that admins from ACI will see my post, because after "contact us" contacted 4 days ago I have not received a reply from ACI admins.


Got ban at ACI for my post here: https://www.pbbans.com/forums/i-need-to-explain-something-t205938.html?do=findComment&comment=505096

With reason:

Dear hodor,
You have received an infraction at AntiCheat Inc.
Reason: Posting History Tool information at PBBans
Do not understand what kind of information I shared? Battlelog names and Guids?  <_ could get them from adkats :blink:>
And at first I wrote "If you have access to ACI history you can see that" - that means if RollinCoal has access then he able to see all info himselft.
I am not shared screenshots from History panel, why i got banned, ACI admins?
Message to ACI admins that I sent through the contact us form:
Hello Sir, can you help me? I got a ban on my account "hodor" with a cause reason: Posting History Tool information at PBBans http://www.anticheatinc.net/forums/picture.php?albumid=51&pictureid=239
In the past I have received penalty points for published screenshots of the History panel to Procon website and I realized my mistake. But now is another matter! I asked the man if he has access to the History and told him to check his theory. I did not publish screenshots! I did not even publish the IP address! I published just Battlelog name, guid and dates (all that I could get by accessing the Procon). 
It is unfair to deprive me and my server of your protection! I am for fair play. I do my best to keep the server clean.. I was just trying to prove that the player was the owner of all these accounts or playing on them, because he started to crying everywhere. 
I hope for your prudence, Sir!
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I know first hand as my account (s) have been banned from thier site from soldier. This childish attitude is why I got out of server adminin in the first place. To this day ACI is the worst tool out there and it should not be used.

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I will try to rise the status on PBBans soon as soon as I receive more time for that. ACI forcing me to do that.....  :tapping:  

I still provide a logs of my server to ACI! Should I? I think they are not worthy of my logs because of their act! :angry:


By the way I loved History Tool so much and PBSS streaming, so I visited the site almost every day and it stopped due badmins  :ban2:


Does PBBan something similar? Talked about PBSS  :jam:

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According to a post on the G-Portal forums they do support PBscreens.com via FTP:



5.5 Stream to PBscreens
PBscreens is a very useful site. You can send your PBscreens there. Then you can easily find PBscreens of each Player of your Server. They will get automatically flagged as Hacker if something found. If you found something you can report it and it will be flagged. PBscreens.com got also a metabans account you can follow so the flagged guys get banned automatically smile.png


WARNING: PBscreens is not free! It cost 1,6€ / Server each month!


If you want to use it, register an account first. After you logged in, go to "Control Panel" -> "Buy Premium" or it wont work.


After you have some money on your Account go to "Control Panel" -> "Stream Setup" -> "Add Server" -> "FTP ACCESS"
Add all informations into the form. (standart ftp port is "21", standard ftp path is "/pb/svss/") Click at "Save"
Now you get a command line like this:pb_sv_uconadd 1 **user** **pw**
Copy the line from PBscreens and add it into your pbsc.txt
Keep the PBscreens-Tab open and go to the next step with a new browser-tab.



Souce: https://www.g-portal.com/forum/thread/46-howto-rent-and-config-an-battlefield-3-4-hardline-server/?postID=118#post118

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