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Hi to all members and admins here.


Im admin on synergy servers, and i need some help from you guys.


there is a player whit that name ( Dr-BishopPrunk ) and i have several times unbanned him and when he join the server he get ban again and again by pb..what can that be.


thank you and i hope some one can help.

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well first the game type would help, if hes getting picked up by pb then he typically has something that is getting him kicked/banned that is not part of the original game.


but game type/name would help to sort it all out.

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What is the exact kick/ban message the BF3 server throws at you in ProCon, without that message line everyone will be just speculating.
I'm saying BF3 because all the PBSS I have looked at for Dr-BishopPrunk are from BF3. (correct me if I'm wrong)
Not Globally banned by Evenbalance also can't find a ban for the player so I'm going to guess it's one of these below, or high ping kicker with a banning period attached, or team killing with timed ban attached, see I'm speculating now. :)
PunkBuster Violation Numbers

Technical Violations: (Resolution: Reinstall PunkBuster from the latest game update patch)
#101 - Communication Failure
#102 - Communication Failure
#131 - Initialization Failure
#132 - Protocol Error
#141 - Distress (This indicates a problem trying to update to the latest version of PunkBuster - it may indicate a problem reaching one of our Internet-based Master PB Servers which can be caused by firewalls, router problems, etc.)


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Guys, he get that one.


Error Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'Dr-BishopPrunk' ... Prior Kick/Ban

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Have you checked the pbbans.dat file? Open it with notepad to see if he is listed there.


Use pb_sv_unbanguid guid - do this anyway to see what happens. Does sound like a local ban to me.


^ one method for nulling the entry, it will still be there but with a ; before the information.

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"Prior kick ban" is usually if you ban a player with guid from your server. Maybe you have a name ban AND a guid

ban for this player in your ban list? This would explain that if you unban him he directly gets kicked again when

he tries to join. Esp when you have a big ban list with not just one admin using it things like this happen pretty fast ;)

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Try this it might help.




PB_SV_AutoUpdBan [0/1]
Set to 1 (defaults to 0) if you want PB to automatically update the permanent ban file (pbbans.dat) after each change to the banlist in memory

PB_SV_BanList [optional_search_text]
Displays the list of bans in the console, including kicks with a temporary ban; if the [optional_search_text] parameter is specified, then only bans/kicks that include the search text are listed (useful for searching for a specific name / guid).

PB_SV_BanMask [iP Address / Subnet Mask]
Permanently bans players from joining the server from the specified IP Address / Subnet Mask; for example: issuing PB_SV_BanMask "12.34." will cause PB to deny access to all players trying to join from an IP Address that begins with "12.34."; These bans are written to the pbbans.dat file just like bans issued with the PB_SV_Ban command



This below might be something else to try to see if you can see the player in your .dat file.

To view it type: pb_sv_banlist
Looks like this.

To unban run pb_sv_banlist get slot number
pb_sv_unban add number hit enter then pb_sv_updbanfile


This might be easier to understand.


PB_SV_UnBan [slot # ] Unbans a player from the ban list stored in memory; use pb_sv_updbanfile to update the permanent ban file after using this command
PB_SV_UnBanGuid [guid]
Unbans a guid from the ban list stored in memory; use pb_sv_updbanfile to update the permanent ban file after using this command


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