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Whats up with GGCStream ? OFFLINE ?


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On 12/26/2020 at 11:41 AM, L0rdDamian said:


According to their facebook, they are now permanently shutdown.


I guess eventually this would happen to third party anti cheat sites as pb hasn't been used in newer games for some time now and if there wasn't enough support or enough servers to warrant staying up anymore then that's the ultimate conclusion.

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I have to say ... use netcup or infinityfree to host your stuff.
When u compare the pricing all the offers of nitrado and familiar sites are way to expensive. As i recognized all the sites and their configs and setups are just outdated .... see no reason to use those .... why pay money for 0% service ??
Why cant get GGC, ACI and PBBans unified ? (okay the guys from ACI are really toxic and not willed to help .. but GGC ?!)
Maybe same issues with Nitrado as they had in July ?


Unfortunately our partner and sponsor for the infrastructure (nitrado) has committed a violation of our partnership contract and shut down our infrastructure without notice outside of the cancellation period.
The matter will have legal consequences next week. We hope to be able to get our service up and running again soon, but we are not able to give a date for this yet.


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And btw. also for you guys here from PBBans some company like AWS Amazon Webservices (okay horrible to use, very insecure and buged)

but also https://azure.microsoft.com/en-en/pricing/purchase-options/pay-as-you-go/


Offer a little amount of their service as free to use. ...


On 8/9/2020 at 12:39 AM, HSMagnet said:



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A while ago I moved away from multiplayer games and I only heard about this bad news now. 
I had to come here to clear up the doubt and I'm very sad with this news.
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