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Failed to resolve etguidauth.evenbalance.com


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Recently (about two weeks) sometimes (not always, sometimes we can play) i and other players can't play in ET servers with PB because we are this error:


Failed to resolve etguidauth.evenbalance.com

I probe to update PB manually with PBSetup, but it don't work for me and other players. Edited by kamaleon
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Delete pbns.dat from your pb folder.


If it doesnt help, open C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add there etguidauth.evenbalance.com

and save

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The following is a email i got from my server provider. I was having the same trouble connecting, i tried it, and it worked..........i did it a few days ago.


Please read the following if you have PunkBuster authorization



"Since the new punkbuster release 1.279 many have had and will have

problems connecting to ET servers out there with the error message

Failed to resolve etguidauth.evenbalance.com in your console.


The cause of this is an outdated PBNS.DAT in your pb folder which

comes from the previous version and is not automatically updated when

you update your Punk Buster with pbweb.exe.


If you connect to servers which are running the last PB Update and the

client is running an old version, the PBNS.DAT avoids an GUID

authentification (awaiting gamestate) because of operating with

outdated data for the masterserver. (new: -



To Fix This:


* 1. Download pbsetup.exe from www.evenbalance.com

* 2. Delete or rename the old pb-directory(pb folder where your ET

is installed) and create a new one in which you copy the downloaded


* 3. Start pbsetup.exe, follow the instructions and download a

completely new pb-software.

* 4. Connect to an updated server, and you will

receive a new PBNS.DAT from that server when connected.

* 5. Now your PBNS:DAT file should be up to date and you can

connect to servers again as normal.


Download-Link for pbsetup.exe: Even Balance Website"



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Nothing Works for me... i tried everything and it seemed to work. but now i am facing the same problem again...


well, i'll just start messing with my settings...

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Downloading the pbsetup is the first part that needs doing the problem is getting a pbns.dat file. Here it is for those still having this problem. It worked for me just download this file to your pb folder and you can then join streaming servers again.




Hope this helps.. ;)

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my friend had the same problem and we fixed it.




he deleted pbns.dat I sent him mine he put it in the folder and all of a sudden it worked


hope it helps

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- I had to reinstall ET, so i had a "new fresh PB folder"

- Since reinstall I experienced the "Failed to resolve etguidauth.evenbalance.com"

- I nearly tryed all solutions provided and it seems only 1 work properly.


1) Delete pbns.dat ...ET/pb/ folder.

*) Problem is when you connect PB doesn't give a new file ...

2) Download pbns.dat (Link Posted here & above & paste it in the ...ET/pb/ folder.



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