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  1. If your running Windows Vista, do the following. To run PunkBuster under Windows Vista, you may need to run the game as an administrator. To do this, right click the icon you use to launch the game. Select "Properties", then the "Compatability" tab. From that tab, check the box labled "Run this program as an Administrator" and click ok.
  2. Would this be why two of my servers has not streamed for 1 day 12 hours and some odd minutes? I cant seem to get them to start streaming again........But i will. :D
  3. I have SEVEN ET servers running 24/7. Five of these are 2.55 servers and two are 2.60B servers. Take a guess which servers stay full to capacity almost 24 hours a day............In case you dont know i will tell you.............its the 2.55 servers. The 2.60 servers stay empty almost 90 percent of the time.........they are a waste of my money, and if we didnt need them for WPL and TWL they would be gone. I would rather pay for a CONSTANTLY FULL 2.55 server anyday over a NEARLY EMPTY 2.60 server that does nothing but collect dust. There are thousands of 2.55 servers running,
  4. The following is a email i got from my server provider. I was having the same trouble connecting, i tried it, and it worked..........i did it a few days ago. Please read the following if you have PunkBuster authorization problems: "Since the new punkbuster release 1.279 many have had and will have problems connecting to ET servers out there with the error message Failed to resolve etguidauth.evenbalance.com in your console. The cause of this is an outdated PBNS.DAT in your pb folder which comes from the previous version and is not automatically updated when you update your Pun
  5. To get a players guid, bring down your console and type /rcon password pb_sv_plist and then look for his name in the list that is displayed.
  6. Its fixed now. Server is streaming via REP and Hub. :D
  7. You stated that you dont own your server, you rent it..................so does 95 percent of the admins here. When you rent a server you have the right to stream to here if you so choose to. Who is your server provider? EDIT............................................................................ ........ Going by your servers ip address, im assuming you rent from Escaped Turkey, and i can 100 percent guarantee you that you have permission to stream to here. I am a moderator at Escaped Turkey, and i have set up about 70 or so of our customers servers there. If you want
  8. Rep and Hub Game: ET Clantag [bnB] I just added all the pbbans stuff to the server, restarted PB, so i now need it added to the MSI please. The username and password for the thing is the same as it is on my other server that streams here. :D I basically just copied and pasted the info from my first streaming server over to this one. :D
  9. Hi Col. Its probably like i said in my reply to your PM.........the person has another pc in the house, deleted his guid on that pc, connected from that pc and got a new guid, or it was someone using that persons playing name so you would think it was the person you know.
  10. Normally the server will give you that message when it encounters an error in your map cycle file. I have never experienced that before, but i will look for an answer to your problem and post back what i find.
  11. Server IP: Server Port : 27960 Game : Enemy Territory Clan Tag : [bnB] Co-Admin : N|A
  12. 3PunkBuster Server: PB UCON Profile not added due to duplicate profile name (pbbans) I have been told that the server is streaming, and it normally catches two or three cheaters a day, but for the past few days it has not caught anyone. I was checking the settings in the servers pb folder, and when i typed in pb_sv_load pbbans_hub.cfg in the console i got the above message.
  13. We use Escaped Turkey for all of our servers.........You can not beat the prices.........$35.00 a month for a server with 64 playing slots, and you can add as many games to your server that you want, or at least any game that is supported by Escaped Turkey......which is about 25 - 30 games. Pretty much any game that can stream to PBBans is supported. One thing tho.............the servers are user mananged, meaning its up to you to set it up and maintain it. All they offer is the initial server ip and control panel.....the rest is entirely in your hands, but the forum there has people who
  14. PB is kicking about 2 to 3 people off my servers every few minutes due to packet loss. This has not happened untill this update. Is there any setting i can change to make pb not kick for this?
  15. Its kinda like going fishing. Some days you catch your limit, some days you catch nothing, but its fun trying aint it. :D
  16. I just checked it again a few minutes ago, and out of the latest 20 bans, 10 of em came from my server. What the hell is wrong with these people? Why cant they play the game the way it was supposed to be played.
  17. Our Enemy Territory server has been streaming since last night, and i just checked the latest 20 bans added to the Master Ban Index (MBI), and the top two on the list were busted while playing on my clans ETPub server. I feel all fuzzy inside now. :D
  18. Thats good to hear. I check my servers pb_sv_cheat.log file every day, and im amazed at the number of people PB catches on a daily basis running some type of hack or another..............it really amazes me. One thing i have noticed tho is when PB catches someone on one of my servers, it only bans em for two minutes........then they come right back only to be banned for two more minutes. How can i make PB ban the people permanently instead of the two minute ban? Anyway, im off to try and get my servers to stream here.................wish me luck.
  19. Hi Guys. This is my first post here. :D I noticed in my servers console and pb files last night that it has not been updated from PB in a little while. I mentioned this to one of my co-admins and he stated to me that PB no longer updates itself for Enemy Territory. I went to EvenBalances web site but could not find anything out about this, but i did notice that the last manual update they had for ET was from March. Any ideas? I hope my admin was wrong.
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