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check this....bot


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he ask you guys to stream it he also did everuthing to stream it put all folder and cfg in the right place but u dont want to stream it. This could be usefull for u cuz this bot is been use by many punks in the game.

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let me make one thing clear to you m8.

There is no one on our MBI without proof positive via streamed logs that a bannable violation has been flagged.

PBBans bans for cvar violations and if you knew how many cheats are available for most Q3 engine games that run anywhere on a HDD and are toggled on and off via cvar you would perhaps agree with that stance.


If another clan representative puts forward a streaming request, as long as that person does not appear on our MBI then there is no problem.

If cheat convictions come to light after a streaming request has been initiated then the person is added to the convicted cheaters group and the streaming is terminated.


As stated at the time, Inspektah was only able to create a forum account because of his dynamic IP, the access convicted cheaters get here is less than minimal and we certainly do not want convicted cheaters streaming to us.

Thats always been our policy and if you dont like it there are other AC sites with lower standards who will take you on no matter what cheat convictions you have.

I'm asking myself why you have not signed up elsewhere for streaming, but if your determined to use a premiere AC site do not let me stop you :P

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