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your server is indeed added to the Hub but it is not streaming .. a question for you ... do you stream to AASA using the standard method of streaming ?


AASA scirpts disable PBUCON and that is a neccessary requirement for Hub streaming .. this is a contentious issue that has been discussed on various AAO sites ... basically AASA added this disabling feature without informing their members and anyone who complains is pointed to the AASA TOS agreement that states that you must stream to AASA and them alone.

Hardly the actions of an AC site that puts the whole AAO community first and foremost but maybe proposed changes for future releases of PBUCON will change their minds Posted Image


back to your initial question .. a forum upgrade will only be applied when your server is streaming without interuption, if AASA is the culprit there is nothing stopping you streaming using the standard method to AON or CB and then stream via the Hub and forward your logs.

This way instead of 1 AC site (AASA) benefiting from your streamed info, 4 would benefit (PBBans/AON and CB)

If enough admins did this maybe AASA would have to have a rethink Posted Image


PBBans Hub Server Search

Server Status: Server is not streaming via Hub

Server Info

Clan Tag: {C-K}

Server IP:

Last Streaming: November 23, 2006 11:53 am

Log Forwarding: None

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chat room says my user name is invalid

i guess you can't join #ppbans on IRC as you have to be AUTHed to Q, to fix ...


... register an account:




Q account FAQ:




How to AUTH:


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