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hi, can anyone tell me how to ip ban people? :D

And ive noticed people getting kicked for having fake copys of sof2 <_< how do we turn that off :unsure:


Thanks :)

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You want to ban ppl by ip instead of guid and open your server for so called generated keys

why do you want to make it harder for you to admin your server?


i recomend that you dont allow generated keys and ban by guid instead


Any way here is the info you wanted


PB_SV_GUIDRelax [0-7]

Defaults to 0; Controls PunkBuster's kicking behaviour related to GUIDS; A Value of 1 means PB will not kick for UNKN (Unknown) GUIDs; A Value of 2 means PB will not kick for WRONGIP GUIDs (these are GUIDS which are valid but not from the IP Address the player is connecting from); A Value of 4 means PB will not kick for DUPLICATE GUIDs; These values (1, 2 and 4) can be combined to achieve the desired behaviour


Quoted from one of fozzers posts

How to ban by IP using old Q3 rcon method


If the bad guys IP is static then there is no problem , first thing to check is if the filterban variable is on or off;

/rcon seta g_filterban 0/1 (0 = IP banning is off 1 = IP banning is on)


next we add the llama's IP

/rcon addIP 312.27.48.132 (pb_sv_banmask 312.27.48.132 has the same effect)

job done.


If you use the banmask pb command the IP ban is added to your pbbans.dat just like normal bans.


if his IP is dynamic you need to do a little more work .. first stage is to collect some IP addresses he connects with .. it will look something like this;








notice that the common numbers are 312.27.48 and 312.27.32 ... what we do now is ban all IP's within that range like this


/rcon addIP 312.27.48

/rcon addIP 312.27.32


this will filter all IP's in the range of 312.27.48.0 through 312.27.48.255 and 312.27.32.0 through 312.27.32.255 this effectively bans your lamer without banning a whole IP range that affects a lot of innocent people


if we just ban the whole IP range

/rcon addIP 312.27

this bans all IP's from 312.27.48.0 through 312.27.255.255

( we get 65,000 people by multiplying 255x255)


your call , its your server, ban 65,000 in one stroke or do a little work and ban a llama


All the above IP's are fictitious and for demo purposes only but if you are prepared to put in the effort an effective ban can be applied to anyone regardless of wether the IP is static or dynamic :)

Have fun :)

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also....to add to mRx's ,,,if you use HLSW and your lazy like myself ,,just look for the players ID # and type: banclient # 999999.....I like using that 1 not so much for hackers but just for annoying\racist players and nade\rocket launcher abusers... " HLSW " ,,, gods way of making my life easier :P

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so if i want to pb ban ips


its like this


pb_sv_banmask 312.27.48.132 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxx

Congratulations, I think you have broken the record for posting in a 7 year old topic of a totally unrelated game forum section in relation to the servers your group runs.

Most of the above is irrelevant because you can set IP restrictions via the "Modify Server" tab of your team accounts AccCP

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