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Hi all. Im running a cod2 pb enabled server connected to the hub. When i first connected i was getting ss on a regular basis...some incomplete some not. I have checked these last few days for ss and they are there but all either read corrupt or incomplete......... any ideas folks? I also have noticed that there is quite a bit of lag in the server lately that hadnt been there before. Tech support has informed me that pb can cuase this problem. any opinions on this guys? thanks in advance for the help.





*KTA* Bmac

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just to put things in percpective.

streaming takes up a whopping 2-3kb of bandwidth an hour on average :)

the reported "lag induced by streaming cases" that we have looked at in the past were caused by a variety of reasons from badly configured pb settings / too many clans squeezed onto one box and dos attacks on the server box .. what gsp are you with ? how many clans share the same box ? what are the box specs ? assuming you run md5 scans have you tried increasing your freq setting ?

as mRx has stated post your pbsv.cfg and we can view and advise if neccessary :)

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Moved to sga section


If you want you can post your pbsv.cfg and we can try to help you

Thanks Fozzer and mrx for the assistence. Done what you pm'd me about fozzer and tried it last night. Seemed to be lest of an issue then. Will wait and see when the server gets loaded with players. Then my decision to move my business to another isp will be made ......... :P Thanks again for the prompt response.....



*KTA* Bmac

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