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A simple thank you to PB Bans


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Well some people learn things the hard way and I was one of them. On 2/25/07 I purchased Battlefield 2 from my local Gamestop. I actually bought the Deluxe Edition which included Special forces as well. Here is where I dropped the ball. I bought BF2 as a used game (insert noob remarks here...lol). Well on March 9th my GUID was banned due to a PB Error VIOLATION (GAME HOOK) #120072 whatever that is. So freaking out and not understanding what any of this means I contact my local Gamestop and the employee is nice enough (now) to give me insight that it is "possible" that my CD Key is in what he called "circulation". At this point I am upset to say the least so I ask if I can return my copy of BF2 which I felt shouldn't have been sold used now knowing what I know now. He laughs and says "it's your loss you bought a used game"... Now I am on fire blazing inferno hot! So i ask to speak to management which of corse is not currently at the store. So I ask them to contact me back when he/she arrives.


So in the mean time I was given the information on PBBans and what do you know there is my user name showing to be banned (at this point I am nearly in tears I am so mad) I took the time to expalin my situation in the Appeals Section under my information. I must say I was greatly impressed with the PBB management and how quickly a responce was made to my appeal that says alot about an organization to me. From there I was given the information on submitting a ticket to Even Balance which I have currently done.


As of 10am on this date I made contact with the General Manager of Gamestop and after several minutes of conversation we come to the agreement that yes I shouldnt have bought a used game of this nature and since I was not given that type of information by the employee that I would be given a "New" copy of BF2. Only problem is they do not have a New one instock so same is on order and should be here by mid week.


As this whole situation unfolded I was most impressed with fast, reliable, and professional responce from PBB.


I do have a request.


** Please disregard my appeal on GUID e0c99bd707b6cc777f86f32ca3453062 my new copy of BF2 is on the way and I would hate to see this Key back in "circulation" as it is called. This is the only way I know how to request such without sending another appeal.**


Again I am so impressed with the professionalism of PBBans that I want to send some sort of donation to the cause. (need info) You guys do a great job and I support your efforts 110%.


Just a little about myself:

My name is Ryan Helf

age 29

Married w/ 2 children

Occupation: Police Officer

Hobbies: FPS shooters


Above is why I appreciate what you guys do.. thank you again!!!

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It made a refreshing change to read the above post ... a gamer who actually see's the "big picture" is a rarity these days :P


If you take a look at our main website you will see we have the begging bowl out :)


main website link


Best of luck for the future

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Again thank you.


Its my job to look at things as a whole. I should have spent the extra few dollars and bought a "new" game instead of a used one. Never save money in the long run.


Thank you for the link, a donation was made. Wasnt an extreem amount but I hope it helps. Cops have limited income. lol

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Wow.....such a breath of fresh air when someone actually knows what we are all about :)


Your donation was received and greatly appreciated :)


Btw....my father is also in law enforcement (Chief Investigator for a Sheriffs Dept)....I know what sacrifices you make to earn your salary and again....thank you!



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Well, even though I did nothing wrong I still bought a used copy of BF2.. lucky me ehh... hehehe


Well, I have completely uninstalled BF2 off of my system and I am patiently awaiting my new copy.


I do have a question???


Since this is a PB ban is that some sort of hardware or just the unique identifer to the key. Should I have any problems running my new copy of BF2?

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Bans are based off the PB GUID (the unique identifier based somewhat off the CD-Key). You should not have a problem installing and using the new game. If you do, let us know.

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Bans are based off the PB GUID (the unique identifier based somewhat off the CD-Key). You should not have a problem installing and using the new game. If you do, let us know.


That I will do and I appreciate all the help that I have recieved from the Members here at PBB.

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