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A few quick ???'s about some pbss...


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I have a few quick questions about some pbss I got off my server & was wondering if you guys might be able to help me out if you can answer them for me ty in advance for any input.


Is this a wallhack or is the guy he's looking at in front of the wall I can't tell for sure ?


Posted Image



Is this really a wallhack or just a glitch in their video card that they seemed to have exploited ?


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

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When i first look at them at this (dark crapy screen) at work


The first looks clean to me


The rest looks like wh


It looks like he is trying to hide behind gfx card driver problem


Ill take another look wen i get home

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as per the first one, The player is on the player's side of the wall aginst the wall. After looking at it (note how not all of the gun is shown, an affect you will get when a player is standing aginst the wall).


The other's are without a doubt a wallhack.


So as metioned above


1st one, clean


rest, wallhack

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  • 5 months later...

All walhacks.

The last 3 are for sure Wallhacks.

the first 1 is Wierd. but is a wallhack also.

if you watch good at the ScreenShot you can see that the players feet is on the wall.

Since i know it's not possible to do a handplant or wallwalking in SOF2.

Also if you look you see that the player is verry small.. because hes far away

How you can make sure it's a wh the first one.

Well verry simply

The position of the client doesn't show the gate to go under ( under bridge ) .

Means hes verry close with going to the Bridge gate or Backpack.

Because hes so close it's not possible that the other PLAYER show's so little up.


Nice catch

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