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Weird Screenshot, Need Help ASAP


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There are a number of well documented reasons why a black screenshot is returned.

Here is a response directly form Even Balance.


EvenBalance response:


Black screenshots will happen if the videocard drivers are old, when the game is not the active application, or on some Operating System/videocard/driver combinations. Also, screenshot detour hacks could cause these black screenshots.


In summary, black screenshots might not be caused by cheats or hacks but checking all the videocard drivers and/or possibly directx drivers is advisable.

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On our ET server HH-Funclan 2 (, all screenshots taken from my computer are black. The reason: I'm playing under Linux :)

That's why a black screenshot is completely worthless when trying to find cheaters - it could be a player under Linux, or it could be a cheater who knows about that problem and set up his cheat program to display a black picture.

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