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Master CVAR Library Problem

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So I updated my MCL and everyone on the server was kicked for cl_maxpackets being out of range 50 - 100. Enemy territories default cl_maxpackets is 30... The old setting was 15 - 100. Is 50 really the new limit?

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not sure why its set to 50 the minimum should be set to 30. ( u dont have to use that setting u can change it to 15 though 30 is what id reccommend )

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When ever you update your settings via the MCL it always pays to look at what has changed and then if you know what a cvar is and you don't agree with the restriction you can either open it a little so 50-100 to 30-100 which is the defaults for cl_maxpackets, just don't remove the ones that are specifically aimed at cheats :-)

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Thanks for the advice. I didn't think that the cvar list would have any issues with default game settings though. :huh:

Normally they dont, but even ultra efficient people make a typo now and then :)

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