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im a noob as admin

we rental a server for amonth now i got a lot pbss

a load of them from xeaters

what can i do?

where can i go?

where to send them?


can anyone help me im realy a noob as admin lol

im starting


aldo i have about 40 pbss from a player all black not 1 single pbss of him clear all black what it means?

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I think it means you need to start streaming here, and put up the pbbans configs.


They run the best, from what I've seen, and catch the most hackers.


I've tried others in the past, not knocking them(nameless) but this has been the most helpful and most useful anti-cheat site I've come accross to date.

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tkx mt8s

already config hub to my server


but about the pbss that i already have what can i do whit them???????

sorry bro, but without being able to compare the digital fingerprint of the screenshot via streamed log information you will have to apply a local ban for every one you got or write it off to experience, get streaming, get busting the lamers who populate your server, get the feelgood factor in the knowledge that your running a clean gaming environment.

TOS 4.2


Cheaters actively search for servers that do not run any cvar/md5 scans / any server that does not stream to an anti cheat site, or any server that has not got pb enabled.

Streaming and running the recommended cheat scans that you will have access to when streaming is initiated will make your server a safe haven for the honest gamers who frag on your server at the moment.

Now tell me thats a bad thing :)

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