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Request to add admin for my server

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I must be missing something here..



Team: Hells Brigade (AC#264) --- Account Streaming (1 / 2)


User ID: 106799 ---- ForumName: _TyIzaeL_



Is the MAIN Admin for /HB/

Your one of the Admins for SiN Clan.

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????? I was never in SiN... can this be changed?


cast your mind back to the 14.3.2007 - Th3 already had a team account and you added your server to it and was added to the existing Th3 team account




then 8.4.2007 Th3 changed their name to SiN




Thats why your listed under the SiN team account.

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Th3 broke up... Pussycat took most of the Members of Th3 and formed SiN, She took her server with her. I am not, and never will be a member of SiN, and therefor my server will never be a SiN server.


So Can my server be taken off the SiN Account and put onto the HB account?

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k thx.. my accound id is 360

If this is not sorted for you by tomorrow afternoon .. I'll sort it for ya when I get in from work.

If your server is added to the HB account the main admin for that account (the team account creator) will need to add you to their team account.

The only way you can request additional admins is if you have your own team account.

With this in mind here is what I propose.


1. you need to be removed from the SiN team account.

2. your server needs to be deleted from the SiN team account.

3. you need a team account created specifically for your server with you as the main admin.


Once the above proposals are put in effect its you that will have control over your own server and it will save us having a similar headache if you decide to leave HB or HB breaks up.

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I have put the proposals into effect and you are now in charge of your own server.


team account created.

server added to team account

server is streaming via the Hub.



Team: [email protected] (AC#569) --- Account Streaming (1 / 1)


User ID: 107622 ---- ForumName: [email protected]

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