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master player index 3/4


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can somebody tell me why some player names are returned as empty on master player index 3 even though the player has been playing for over a year. some names work but there are some that dont. also master player index 4 never gets past the egg timer bit.


thx for any help.



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no idea on the empty names prob.


As for the mpi4, it depends what time of day and how many queries are running at the same time etc etc, also someone searching for an alias all takes its toll.


Our present server is nearing the end of its life cycle and we are currently over half way to target re donations for a much needed hardware upgrade.



It's just as frustrating for us because we have some really good projects in the pipeline that have been put on hold untill we have the neccessary resources to bring them to fruition.

There is the odd tweaking going on at present, but that is just squeezing as much as we can without bringing the house down around our ears :)

So please bear with us, we are committed to providing a free service and thats never going to change, but we are totally dependent on donations for any hardware upgrades etc and that is whats holding us back atm.

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thx fozzer. and 20 dollars has just been donated m8. sorry i could not afford more but will donate as often as i can afford it.

Thank you very much m8 .. much appreciated. :)

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yes m8, i am signed in otherwise i dont get the master player indexes. its just some players come back as not found even if they are on a server at the time, i like to see the aliases they use. some of the players are in clans and have been for 1 year or more, some of them clan members show but some say no records.


col musturd

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Boo hoo I donated and not on the front page :( .... Maybe give -=[MC]=- a mention we chucked in some $ to the big pot !?

no sooner said than done :)

Thanks for keeping the pot boiling :P

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thx fozzer. i feel all special now lol. keep up the good work guys, you make et a better place to play. :D



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