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Allie-Sniper Bug


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Well,morning together.

Im a long time RTCW 1.41 Shrub Player and part of this community.

I'm playin in some Fun Clan called THC,near 5 year old Clan.


Well,we have a strange problem.

One of our Players is caught by PBSS for Wallhack.


Yawn: http://yawn.boozze.be/findPlayer.yawn?game...pbGuid=167c682a


Well,he is long time player but still unexperienced with cfg and stuff,he never touched his cfg manually,

only a Limbo Menu user.

Some days ago he said to me and clanmates in Teamspeak that he have a strange bug when Allie-Sniper on Beach,

he could see parts of people behind walls.

We knew this bug cuz i remembered i had it too some time ago,and as i asked around many Players remembered this bug,seemed to be nothing special.

But we dont knew exactly how to fix this bug.


2 days ago than the player wanted to connect to Mad-Server as usual and saw he was banned.


A big discussion branded in the Shrub Community cause all know Pwnd* as a fair and friendly player never would cheat.

We talked a lot about this Allie-Sniper Bug in the Community and wondered what is the reason for this and why its still there after years of RTCW,and wondered why its defined as "Wallhack"

Well,some Players of the community done some tryouts than with Limbo Menu and Gfx-Settings and they came to the

end that it must have something to to with this:


seta r_depthbits "16"

seta r_colorbits "16"

seta r_texturebits "16"


pb_sv_cvar r_ColorBits IN 32

pb_sv_cvar r_DepthBits IN 32

pb_sv_cvar r_TextureBits IN 32


Experiment: http://www.tardivo.de/sniperbugge8.gif



So now he is banned for this Sniper-Bug and we are all asking ourself if thats ok ?!

Like i said the community know him as friendly and fair player and its not that he used this bug on purpose,he was unhappy with it and told/asked around what this strange Grafics is and how he can solve it,he recognized it only some days ago but before we knew prob 100% he was banned :(

He not used sniper much in old times,and in normal Gameplay with normal Weapons all is normal way (it is) with these settings,so he said he did not remember this bug before.


The community agreed in some forums that its not a cheat,only a old bug.





The guy will Appeal his ban later,problem is hes not very good in English ;)


So what do you think,he have some chances that the ban will be lifted?

Think it would be fair!!





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yea he should appeal, just forward him to the ban link - he can try in deutsch as well. Am besten beides ger+engrish, Platz genug ist :P

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yea he should appeal, just forward him to the ban link - he can try in deutsch as well. Am besten beides ger+engrish, Platz genug ist :P

Well,we done a little text together yesterday evening and i put it for him to englisch,

but my english is sometimes not for the best too :)

I'm waiting till he gets home from Uni and than he can do that appeal thing.


Like i said hes fair and friendly Player and he did that not on purpose,

hes 2 days not sleeping now cuz it..lol :(


He will appeal later.


Thanx so far :)

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Heh, i looked at that screenshot myself and know the 'bug' very well.


Don't remember the wallhack effect to be that good though.

Exactly but heh, the player inquestion has also *improved* a lot recently in his game play as the excoboard/MaD forum states, I have seen the sniper bug many times on mp_beach over the years but not as blatent as that ss :)


Admins @ pbbans decision will be final eathier way :)

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according to me that's not the wellknown bug....


Seen him play only once (the same day he got "busted") and there were some moments where I thought "hmmz, that seemed rather dodgy".

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