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need help


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hi guys i have one question, is this pb guid banned on your page?



I did not find something, but when i look on Redsack and he is playing, its shows me, that he is banned on your page....



I think it was something like VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002, but i forgot the exact reason.


its my member so i must help him, i dont think he is a cheating or something, can someone help me,please


(sorry for my bad english ):D

Mfg Dr@gon

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Anyone can use the pbguid checker on our main website http://www.pbbans.com/


The GUID 5C29D32F7C0C79B8914B8AE91FE2C42F is not on our ban list.

If you are receiving a Global Ban message, this is an EvenBalance issue and is out of our control. Please visit EvenBalance.com for more information.
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i know that he was banned on this website, but a few month later he was banned again, but i only can see it on redsack. Next time when i see he is online i do a screenshot from redsack, with reason and something else.

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