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pb_sv_cvar 44???? wtf????


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pb_sv_cvar must be in 44? 43 is a know and working fps that works well with ET, and many players use it because it holds stable.....can't accept that. fix that in your latest MCI updates please. I use it myself, as the NQ mod is laggy compared to etpro where I can run as table 76 fps or higher.

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Not a clue what your on about bro, unless somethings changed since you last looked. :)

Please remember that the stock cvar recomendations for every game are entirely optional.

Personally I restrict maxfps with this command to create a level playing field for all;

pb_sv_cvar "com_maxfps" IN 43 125

but then again I am "old school" ..old enough to remember the bother with allowing the magical 333.


pb_sv_cvar com_maxfps in 43 125

enforcing a maximum of 125 fps relates to the quake 3 engine and its “magical" fps values. At 333fps the engine can't cope with the amount of commands sent by the client, this seems to cause the hitboxes to lag behind the player model making it very hard to hit them, the engine simply chokes.

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pb_sv_cvar com_maxfps out 0.000001 40 line from the mcl and our pbcvar.cfg .

Not sure where you picked up IN 44 . Some one local server side has set this no ?

:concur: with fozzer best to cap fps @ 40 - 125 max .

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if nanny, then properly: IN 44(sic)-125 , opposed to: OUT 0.0001 43

(OUT 43 excludes 43, IN 43 includes, rite)


anyway *big trouble in little circus* the next majic value is 45 :P

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