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Zero tolerance policy on cheats


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Tonight i have both joy and frustration as being a streaming admin.

Joy as i have caught another Haxor .. now 15 in total.

But sadness as my 15th catch unfortunately was wearing our clan tags thus damaging our reputation as being a cheat free clan.

But it just seems no matter how hard you try ,,and how many screenshots you view there is always one bad apple in there.

The guy in Question :

PunkBuster Server: VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001: =VFor=Roscoe (slot #17) Cvar m**_******* = 1 [11ab20d59d3f9fd90ead9c823d920d52(VALID) 86.148.***.15:49220]

16:=VFor=Roscoe PunkBuster kicked player '=VFor=Roscoe' (for 1 minute) ... Cvar m**_****** = 1

PunkBuster Server: Kick Command Issued (Cvar m**_******* = 1) for (slot#17) 86.148.***.15:49220 11ab20d59d3f9fd90ead9c823d920d52 =VFor=Roscoe

PunkBuster Server: Lost Connection (slot #17) 86.148.***.15:49220

This member has been with us since 9th dec 07 , and i would not describe him as an active member as he has been awol for the last 2-3 weeks untill about 2 days ago when he just reappeared again.

Tonight while playing on our public server with / against fellow clan members and the public he got Busted and as a result he has been imediately removed from the clan as we operate a Zero tolerace against cheaters.

Luckily this member never played in any league matches while he was at =VFor= due to the fact of his poor attendance


Another tought day at the office to have to take the flak that results when one person is stupid enought to tarnish the reputation of a whole clan.

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Thanks for the support guys , makes myself feel better for one.. and i will be sure to link this thread to our forums as i am sure the rest of the clan will be glad to read that it is not the case that everyone in the clan is automaticly tarnished with the same brush.

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