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Respected Admins Partnership


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We are proud to announce the partnership between Respected Admins (www.respectedadmins.com) and PBBans in the fight against cheaters.


As part of our partnership we have enabled a Enforce RA SBL Bans flag in the PBBans Hub which when enabled will enforce bans found on the Respected Admins SBL.


Currently this flag is for Rainbow Six Raven Shield but will be expanded to Call of Duty 4 in the near future.

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I am glad we were able to gain this relationship with PBBans. RA's Supplemental Ban List was well known in the Raven Shield world and accepted at ladders such as, TWL. RA was developed around numerous Raven Shield clans looking for good, clean games. Most of us have now moved on to CoD4 and will continue developing a Supplement Ban List for CoD4 for one extra layer of protection from cheats.

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Its nice to know this partnership, and i just wanted to add that i am already registered in RA site and waiting response to become a RA member


To all that have worked hard for this and the ongoing fight against cheaters



Well done!!!

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As a long time |RA| member and on staff at |RA|, this has been along time coming... a much needed alliance in the gaming community. Thanks to both parties... mainly the staff at PBBans and more importantly what makes PBBans great... THE COMMUNITY. As regards to the SBL Enforcement, if you have any questions I will be more than glad to entertain them as I am responsible for the management of the SBL along side |RA| and PsBs own "Flyboy" aka Bookal. Look forward to working with this community in the fight against these cheating asshats that ruin our fun :D

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I would like to address the appreciation from the RA members to the PBBANS staff and all that were involved that worked to achieve this.


Not only will this help the server admins that work hard to ensure clean games, it will also help the community to gain trust and friendship across the gaming community. We have alot of work to do. But it is a very exciting begining to a long relationship. GG's to all.

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It's always a welcome alliance, to be able to team up with yet another AC-site, and fight what we all hate the most.


Welcome all, and thanks to |RA| for adding to our joint-effort in the battle to keep game-servers cheat-free. :)

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Knowing Jimmy, run naked through town screaming about how sexy he is. :blink: LOL



who let this noob in here... :lol: and i told you to keep that between me n you :lol: and its only on the weekends and after dark :o

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