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lol this is kinda funny.


It is funny but players can be confused between gaming communities, clans and may be guilds. However I do assume the gentleman is requesting to join the web site rather than the community ;)

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Clan = Family and when all is said and done thats what we all are here, old hands, new members no difference what so ever and all welcome.

The only time you will get a frosty reception is if you are proven to cheat in PB enabled games.

Dont forget guys part of our ethos is to educate the not so well informed members / admins that care to register and join in the forum activities on these boards. :)


@ Accord, if what you are seeking is joining a very proactive anti cheat site with a view to learning the in's and out's of PunkBuster and how to keep PB enabled servers as cheat free as humanly possible, then your in the right place.

It's knowledge that can hold you in good stead if you find a gaming clan to join up with.

If you find one, point the server admin this way, that will start you off on the right foot. :D

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