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GameHack #80332


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I just got kicked for it but i wasnt on Micr nor msn :|

Hmm i have been kicked either but i was on mirc in the same time :S

But the strangest thing is i havent play for few days and when i finally find some time for game i have been kicked :S

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It's not as bad as it could be. All *** can duplicate is the one specific error violation...for now. Hopefully not too much of EB's bans are based on these random snippets of code in your memory.


They got EB with their pants down, that's for sure.


edit: massive apologies. saw the warning for moderation but wasn't exactly sure what was meant by it.

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it IS moderated. We still dont spam hack info in pub forums :p On topic: yawn.
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From crossfire.nu:




I doubt many server admins here will ditch PunkBuster (indeed, I doubt any will at all), but it's certainly put the minds of a fair few community members at unease.

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In a free game like ET PB & the fine people here at pbbans are the only line of defense we have against the rampant hackers.


No way I'd touch this game without it.

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Not hard to guess what the goal of actions like these is, supply ammo to the default "pb sucks" whiners, now http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46983 moving back to their fav topic "omg my key packets are stoled". Won't work, clear sign of despair to try to use an unholy alliance of well meaning simpletons ("make your own anticheat", lmao!), cheaters and cheat friendly "admins" ;p Hack sellers get their arse handed on a silver plate by EB on a regular base, even in a free game like ET. Still: *Yawn*

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Wow I have had people come to my website crying about this.. I have posted a topic with all the information needed by the offending "group of people" and their public display of pride. They in one respect have a valid point. About scanning your running memory. But the way they went about this was childish. And I wouldnt be surprised if somebody came knocking on his door. In the end those people will get what they deserve. Its just sad that people pay for hacks so this kid gets rich off of expolits. While places like pbbans/punksbusted and many others do what they can and only run on donations.


But if there is a market for such a thing we should all just jump in on the band wagon. It could become the next Google.. So why not just start hacking the shit out of the games and make money selling them. If everyone started making hax these guys would be outta buisness.. So its a damned if you do damned if you dont situation. On this very same day that I made this post. One of our tryout guys thought it would be cool to go around spamming servers. This guys name is Oblivion. I have terminated him from bpc and made a post or two on our forums and main page. Once the members here informed me of this action I quickly took my own actions to remove him from the tryout lineup.


Please go here http://www.ballisticpc.com/forums and read the posts. I am still pissed off about this. People should know better then to do what they are doing. Its all about common sense.

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