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IM SO SICK OF HACKERS!!!!!! is their a list of pbbans members servers? im tired of playing on pb srevers with no admin and its full of hackers late at nite i love ctf on bf42 or D.C. . and i love youer site. good job and my best wishes .keep up the fight and bann all hackers im doing my part to help :)

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sorry man, but this is strictly the "I h8 punkbuster" forum, no giving PB and props at all is allowed :D


Click on member's names to see their profile with clan server

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Yo Vladx....I know your were joking :P


There will be a listing of PBBans protected servers up and running. Can't give you a timeline...but soon.

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My name is {DOV}WranglerBill. I just wanna say you guys fuckin rock dude. I mean dude where would the fuckin internet and online gaming be without you fuckin guys.


The entire world is a safer place now that pbbans is here. I can go to sleep at night without my doors locked, I can send my kids to school without being supervised, hell I can even let my neighbor f*ck my wife cuz I know that if he is using a "f*ck HACK" that soon enough pbbans will be there to save the day and Ban him from my bedroom, never to f*ck my wife again.


I mean you guys are close to god's here. I love {VOD} and I love pbbans. You guys are making the internet safe for us all. No more hackers, no more crackers, no more identity theft, no more gay ass citi bank commercials all thanks to the genius think tank that is pbbans.


Is it true that you guys are currently working on a new master ban list that will ban A.I.D.S. from human beings...??? I also heard that you guys are working on a new cvar check that will stop any Terrorist caught on a plane with a speed hack???? And finally someone told me that in the ultimate twist you guys are building a ban list that will read peoples minds and ban anyone who even thinks of the words hacker, cracker, cvar, aimbot, etc....


If I was a game manufacturor I would be sending you guys roses every week. All you do is crush people's cd key's so they must go to the store and buy the game again. What a win win situation. You guys bust the punks the punks hit mom and dad up for more money and who wins...?? Ill tell you who wins...ID, ACTIVISION, DICE, EA...etc.


Oh wait I forgot the hard working parents who support their children are the losers here but hell f*ck them they raised the punks to cheat in the first place right???


I mean you guys are advancing the human race and saving lives and curing diseases here at pbbans.


We all should be grateful that we our witness to this in our lifetime...!!!


Praise the Lord.


{DOV}WranglerBill -admin, moderator, dicksmoker, and avid pbbans fan.


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