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If you come to our IRC channel please be patient as people are in varying time zones and may be afk or busy.



[01:07]  -->	Anonymous1 ([email protected]) has joined #pbbans

[01:07]  ---	aG|Bl00dy-Mary gives voice to Anonymous1

[01:08]  <Anonymous1>	anybody home

[01:09]  <Anonymous1>	assholes

[01:09]  <--	Anonymous1 has quit (Quit: Bye bye)

[01:09]  <SirRobHiFi`>	hahah


If it's 1 am eastern you may be lucky enough to get a response if you can hold out more than 60 seconds. :shock:

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we have found this to be helpful re irc channel;


[15:13] * Now talking in #rtcw.jolt

[15:13] * Topic is 'just ask your question, don't ask to ask || without a mail from evenbalance saying a mistake has been made...no way will a cheat ban ever be removed '



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