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1.6 patch


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go get the server files


then upload 260 meg to your box


fire it up and away you go


this is only if your server is running on windows

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The official release is tomorrow. Nvidia sponsored the release, thus SLi-zone members get it a day early, although the link seems to be public.

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so where do we get it i been looking everywhere on nzone and nvidia's site and nothign comes up also where do you get the server files?

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If you're running a dedi-box, click Rock's link above. If you rent from a host, check in your control panel for an option to install.


Gameservers.com, for example. Log into your control panel, click on the mods tab, and click the 1.6 patch install button.


MyIs has a similar procedure, and they sent an e-mail to their clients related to it.


I'm sure other major GSP's have rolled out something similar to make it easy for server-admin.

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Entered in error, please delete this post admin - thanks.


I have just tested the patch installer, and for the first time after all the previous patches, the standard patch installer WILL allow you to manually state an install path. This means the people like me who uploaded their own install to their dedicated box can use the installer rather than an upload of the 'touched' files only.


I posted a link to a 'touched' files zip archive on my own website, that file is NOT required this time.




Cheers :)

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Yeah, in all previous patches I had to upload the 'changed' files because the installer wouldn't work as the install is not recorded in the registry. So I didn't even bother trying this time, then I find out the installer DOES work ............ Typical !!! :D

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