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Crashing to desktop


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Anybody know whats going on with this? Im a admin of a server and we are experiencing frequent player crashes to desktop. We do stream PBbans. Its happens up to 10 times a day. Everything running fine and boom everyone crashes to desktop. Server doesnt restart, theres no spamming or chat flooding, everyone just crashes at once. 60 people poof gone. Its been going on for about 3 weeks now. Were used to the hacks spamming occassionaly crashing us, but this is happining so frequently the servers not populating. Weve reinstalled bf2 to server and dont believe to problem is us. EA suggests its on there end and may be due to server instablity from a increase in traffic. But Ive heard players say its happening everywhere and some have said its a new 187 hack . Some say they have been crashed to desktop on demand by a player using a cheat. Im not sure what it is, but its effectively killing our server.

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Yea no kidding, Im sure BF2 is last on there list. So I should assume from youre reply thats this isnt a commercialy available hack and we are not under "attack"? But rather EA is finally melting...

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Without an actual error, or without a pb-kick of some sort, it's likely no one here can help you.


We're a privately run anti-cheat site, and deal with cheats, and perhaps help with the odd-issue related to a game we play, if we play it.


Game-issues that are directly relevant to the game and not anti-cheat are not something we aim to support, that is a bonus, if you get an answer, period!


You need to be on BF-forums for support for their lack of thinking, and perhaps some solutions to fix them.

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Huh??? I dont believe I was asking for game support? Like I said Ive been in contact with EA and got we dont know, well look into it. No theres not an error message the whole game crashes to desktop. I was merely asking if you guys where famaliar with a hack for BF2 that can crash everyone on a server to desktop?

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I have seen this happen. I do believe it is a part of a hack that is available and undetected right now as far as I can tell. As far as I know, there is no way to stop it either. Best advice is to stream to as many services as possible and keep a close eye out for suspicious players. I find that usually, people who crash my server, are people who I have banned before and are now out to get me. If that is the case, usually an IP ban is the easiest solution.



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Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.


DICE is aware of this issue and is working on a fix to prevent it from

happening in the future. Look for an announcement within the next month or

so from the DICE development team for further information on what is being

done to address this and several other issues in Battlefield 2.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.


Take care,

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We are also having thesame issue's server is letting all the players ingame CTD on random times


this is a hack


they players name will also be hidden if you use BF2CC


you need to get manual PBSS of everyone you think should have their name showing, via player numbers

the ones that show up have a look and see if any show hack info.. then ban via PB_SV_BANGUID which you get out of the SS


http://bf2tracker.com works here for checking

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Not everything strange in bf2 is a hack! This is most likely down to crappy EA. If it was a hack you'd find the whole server going down not just one or two people and thats usually started by a flood of chat spam. If EA are aware of a problem I'm sure it'll get dealt with before I turn 90.

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