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Firefox 3 Vulnerability Found


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FF is from the opensource community. It's actually a pretty nice little browser, and very popular. It has many nice features, including speed, ease of use, and better security than IE. Perhaps it's only annoyance, on my part, is manually installing every single plugin required to give it as much functionality as IE, and some of them you've got to spend time looking for, regardless of download sites for them.


I have it installed as a backup, personally, but I don't see me using it as a main browser, ever. I used Opera for a long time a few years back, and found much the same issue with it, when it came to needing plugins. That's perhaps the one thing that IE maintains the crown on.

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I use FF and don't have much use for IE, not sure what you mean by adding plugins to make it have the same functionality as IE though all the addons I use take it past IE.



All browsers have exploitable code but only one really gets exploited, really though it don't mater witch you use as long as it's not tied to the same software you browse your hard drives with. ;)

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A few I would highly recommend


Don't want the adds or spam and accessing same search on other engines is just handy during your search.



Security must haves!

NoScript, firekeeper and edit cookies.


Quick ftp client for those odd jobs.

FireFTP <-- very nice much more powerful that you would think!



Stuff I find handy working on web stuff.


google site indexer

firebug <-- a must have for web geeks!

IE view lite <-- sometimes you need to know how it looks in IE.

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firebug <-- a must have for web geeks!


Firebug could quite simply be the best add-on ever made.I use it daily.So many times I need to edit some code or have an error but cant quite put my finger on where it is, firebug makes simple work of it.Plus it references the style sheet which is extremely handy.


If you do any kind of website related work firebug is a must.

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It is good that I only installed FF3 in my work computer and not for Freetime machine. :lol:

I can spend my work days figuring out why, oh why all info is gone.

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personally i hate FF, however I installed FF3 the other day and rarely use it... However after downloading some themes and addons etc for it I've made it my new Default browser.. I think i did it cuz it has a Facebook Plugin LOL :)

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