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I feel like im being treated as a bad guy ...


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I feel like im being treated as a bad guy, just because I am a sof2 player, and a regular user of IRC. I try to support the anti-cheating community, and I was a server-admin of one of the most popular demolition clan servers out there.


Along with The-Daddy, we ran the highly acclaimed Destruction Jockeys clan-server, that were a public gameserver to all, except cheaters of course. Every day we spent 1-2 hours of browsing through approx 2000 PB screenshots, manually, catching cheaters, helping the community get rid of cheaters.


Then we started looking at www.the other site.com ... signing up ... helping even more people by submitting our cheaters to the Master Ban List. We did something good for the community, and the community did something good, by adding the cheaters they caught to our server ban list.


Then suddenly something went wrong ... someone didn't like the way the mybumleaks was maintained, or maybe they just had different ideas and oppinions, and shortly thereafter, PBBans.com was born.


But DJ's got tired of the amount of cheating out there ... every day at least one more cheater was caught ... the time spent on enjoying ourselves and having fun playing on the server, was getting shorter and shorter, until one tragic day, we decided to quit it. DJ was no more...


But cheating would continue ... one less server to cheat on, but why was that going to stop the cheaters?


So I decided to stick around, help support the cheating community, give my feedback when I could, cause maybe some day, I would return to the gaming zone. Maybe not as a player, but as an admin, working for a gaming community, fighting cheaters... who knows?


But now I feel like I am being harassed by the anti-cheat community ... "Who are you?" "Why are you here?" "Why are you op on the other anti-cheating community channel?" ...


WHY do you care? Aren't we here to achieve a common goal? Aren't we supposed to be helping each other?


Apparently not... apparently if you are fighting alongside one community, the other community thinks less of you.


If I am being a bad guy to one anti-cheat community, by supporting another anti-cheat community, something is seriously wrong ... and I is time to sit down, think about why we are here, and if you think you are here to advise people not to support another anti-cheating community, you should seriously start concentrating on other things in life.


I am not a bad guy by supporting 2 anti-cheating communities ... stop thinking of me as one! Stop having doubts as why I am supporting the other site ... I am here for the same reason you should be here ... fighting cheaters, not fighting each other!

I dont like my motives being questioned, just because I support both sites!


For your enjoyment, the DJ Cheaters site is back up for an unknown period of time ... http://sof2.znabela.com


PS: I don't know why phpBB adds to single quotes, but when using SQL, to add something to a database, double "single-quotes" are used

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well, as you may or may not know, there is a big strife between us and 'the other site". it was/is a legitimate concern. I can't speak for everyone, but i know quit a few of us simply can't stand peel and his arrongance. Just because Dep asked you a simple question doesn't mean you had to go off on a rant. He was just concerned with protecting pbbans interests and hard work done by the Staff.

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Scarface: never mentioned Dep, but I've spoken to him about this, and I just feel that this was something I had to say...


Yes I was a bit offended by the question, which is also the reason behind this post, but after talking to Dep about this, it is no longer an issue.


But consider this post, a statement from me... now you know where I stand. Hopefully this will avoid future confusion.


And no matter who you are, if you are fighting cheaters, you are doing a worthy job ... keep up the good work.

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I know what you mean znabela,


I tried the same thing, supporting both community's.

but when cb allowed the mbi from this site I switched from streaming from the other site to thi site. thats when the trouble begon.

as soon as they found out that I was active on this site and streaming to this site they started to flame me for all the things I did.


it suddenly seemed as if it didnt matter that I found a way to stop ALOT of cheaters by making a cvarlist for all community. they feel like they are the best and you should do what they say, they force you to stream in order to get an up to date banlist. same as for not using their banlist, they looked down on me as if I was as worst as a cheater just because I run my personal banlist.


then I started to questioning the creditability or however you call it of the banlist of the other site. it appeared that they are missing ALOT of logs of the bans they got, tho they keep on screaming that they are THE BEST and THE MOST LEGIT anti-cheat site around. this attitude made me sick which costed me my membership at the other site. Down With The Fruit gave me a personal treatement and banned me from the forum of the other site.


thats what you get as thanks for what you did for the community.


so when I look what this site does and what the other site does... the way we handle things around here are more professional and less aimed at WE ARE THE BEST, DONT GO TO THE OTHER SITE and IF YOU GO TO THE OTHER SITE WE BAN YOU.


just my opinion.

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Very Nicely put Johnny :wink: Zna .... know one holds anything against you or his ill feelings towards you that I know of. You have valid concerns and to my knowledge we here at PBBans do not hold it against any member for being active in other communities. What they do does not concern us.

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A lot of admins here submit to both sites. The problem at the moment is the repository software only allows you to stream to one or the other and we obviously want people to stream to us, forcing admins to make a choice.


We knew many admins would want to use both ban lists on their servers so we made it easy for them to combine banlists right here on the site with our ban list generator. Only trouble with that method is that the mybumleaks is only updated monthly.


We knew people would want to see the evidence of pbss and demo catches for themselves so we provide that service to all and despite what some might think, these are simply not being disputed.


I speak from a server and league admin point of view when I say there is simply no comparison between the sites when it comes to seeing who got caught WHEN and WHERE by WHOM with readily available evidence to back it up.

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It has been announced that changes to the forums were taking place. We started by a complete revalidation of all currently registered members. There were some accounts where folks haven't logged on in over 90 days. Those accounts were deleted. The next part was assigning permissions to the groups people were placed in.


Zna, you and I have had long history together. I can empthatize with you in some respect. I am not 100% positive why your account was removed originally....but it is likely that you fell into the 90% deleted area. When your account was recreated....and was revalidated.....you did not fit the requirements to be placed into the "Server Admin" group so you were added to the normal user. In either location you can still succeed in helping individuals with their PB problems....with your server knowledge, etc.


Willy, we have been through this and I also empthatize with you as well. Your issue is still being looked into.


As far as us being on a friendly playing field with "the other site"....I don't rightly believe that will happen. Each of the sites offer a variety of things and both are different in many ways. I am not gonna start a bashing war of whose site is better than others. I will tell you that no matter how folks feel about PBBans now.....they will all need to increase their medical insurance prior to the official PBBans system being unveiled. Would hate to see lots of folks die of a stroke prematurely cause they didn't have insurance. The staff here at PBBans will work hard to make everyone's stay enjoyable and will go out of our way to help you with your server and PB problems.


If you have any problems or concerns with any of the staff or admin at PBBans, send me a PM....and I will do my best to resolve the problem.


(Note: Patience is key)

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Znabela -


I can relate to your feelings on this issue.


I only joined up here recently (just over 1 month ago), and at that time I faced a difficult decision: which 3rd-party PB organization to affiliate with?


I did more research than most people would, I think. I started by getting a memberlist from PBBans.com, and the other site (I could only get a memberlist from the other site by asking a friend who was a member there at the time - as a non-member, I could not access their memberlist). When I began looking through these memberlists, I was shocked to find that a hefty percentage of the other site's active members were already banned on my server; and more than half of those had been caught WITH MY OWN SERVER! I was forced to assume that THIS is why they don't allow public access to their memberlist. But - not one of the PBBans.com active members appeared in my banlist...


I then began to scan through their forums, to get a feel for the type of support they offer their members - and I found it was a REAL crapshoot - more than half the time a member posted a question, they were flamed for it, instead of helped.


Lastly, I decided to use both lists, without signing up at either site yet; and I found that the other site DOES NOT make their list available to non-members! This was directly in conflict with their claims that their list IS public; IT IS NOT. (At least, I could not get to it; I got a message saying "You are trying to access a restricted area. We are Sorry, but this section of our site is for Registered Users Only." I still get this message now, when attempting to get their current list - so I just don't use it. Oh - and I don't believe them when they say "We are Sorry" either. Yes, this pissed me off.) At this point, I felt like I had been lied to, or at very least, misled - and that was the last time I ever even considered any kind of affiliation with them. BUT - upon attempting to view the PBBans.com banlist - I was shown that PBBans.com delivers exactly what they say they do. Their list is TRULY public.


Now, I am proud to have been offered a staff position here. I also chose to stream my server's logs here, to the PBBans.com repository. I have absolutely no regrets on these decisions, personally - and since I am new to this whole scene, I have no previous ties to the other site - but already in the 34 days I have been a member here, I have seen MANY things which have changed my opinion of the other site, for the worse... and from my perspective, they are NOT helping the anti-cheating community - in fact, I believe they are HURTING it! By adding non-proven bans to their list, and by refusing to add definitive bans, I must now believe that they are biased in their banning process. This cannot help the anti-cheating movement, IN ANY WAY. Also, I have seen instances which make me believe that certain members of their staff will take any action against PBBans.com which they think may hurt us, and help them - this kind of immature, spiteful behavior CANNOT be productive in a positive way. BUT - perhaps you now understand a little better why some of OUR staff is sensitive to these issues.


I hope you and other members here begin to take notice of some of the things I have mentioned above. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT GOES ON AROUND YOU! And I strongly encourage you to form YOUR OWN opinion on this matter - I mention my observations and opinions above simply to make you and others here aware of them, NOT in an attempt to sway people away from the other site. (I guess I feel like I don't HAVE to sway people from there, as they are doing an efficient job of this on their own!)


Anyway, I really DO understand what you are saying; if I had not done the research I did, before I signed up here - I'd probably be in the same situation myself. I hope that you can find a comfortable place among our membership.

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  • 1 month later...

Im not going to start this topic up again, so close the thread after this message please :)


I know were all fighting for a common cause, and I appreciate the replys I have been getting in here. Most of you spent quite some time, making a reply to my post, and the time you spent was not a loss! Not to me, and hopefully not to you.


I understand now why you have the rules, at which you now obide, and hence the reason for my "temp-removal".


And never forget, the work you are putting into the site, is appreciated by many! It may sometimes not seem so, but you all know its easier to bitch as something than it is to give credit... and you deserve some credit!


Good job on "protecting" the MPI, and keep it up!

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I just wanna ask you this ....

I am not a bad guy by supporting 2 anti-cheating communities ... stop thinking of me as one! Stop having doubts as why I am supporting the other site ... I am here for the same reason you should be here ... fighting cheaters, not fighting each other!  

I dont like my motives being questioned, just because I support both sites!  

I sure would like to hear what "they" would say if you posted your original question to them. I know if ya had a server streaming to them and expressed the same views.... well you'd probibly be out the door.


If your server streams to "them" ... redirect the streaming and watch how they treat you then..... then return and ask the same question.


I bet our replies were much friendlier..... you will see the bright side of www.pbbans.com before long..... cant say that others will.


Oh..... and WE dont close, edit, delete topics just because the have views outside of our thinking.

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Your membership status was set to INACTIVE for the following reasons:


not interested in ambl. has no intention of streaming. pbkidz member.



the other site Staff

do I need to say more?

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Oi guys ... I havent been admin for a server for almost a year now, so how can I stream anything ...


When I said you could close the thread, cause my question was replied, I didnt mean to stir up another conversation (which is without relevance to the starting comment of this thread!)

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