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PBBans Hub Turns Two


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On June 23, 2006 we released the first public beta of the PBBans Hub. The idea of the first multi-stream solution with live banning excited many of our members and it was a hit from the beginning. At first, it was a very basic system with a bare minimal streaming interface and no real user control. It was a basic streaming interface.


One year later our server count went from less than 200 repository servers to over 1200 hub streaming servers. This was a pleasant surprise for us as we never expected so many people to have an interest in the first year. Also over 95% of our streaming members switched over from the repository system to the PBBans Hub.


Today after two years, we are past the 4200 actively streaming mark with close to 5000 servers total. We have also made the repository a legacy method of streaming to PBBans. We have added many new features to the PBBans Hub such as Generic CVAR Scans, Generic BIND Scans, Cheat File Scanner, ban announcements, server greeting messages, and advanced league integration. This is just a few changes of the PBBans Hub itself.


Many things have changed at PBBans over the last 2 years and there will be many more to come. We would like to thank the community for your continued support and look forward to bringing you more cool features in the future.

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Thank you PBBans Staff for all the hard work!! The fight against cheats isn't an easy one however, with an AC site such as PBBans, it levels the field which helps provides decent gaming environment.


I am certainly glad to be an SGA streaming to PBBans!!


GREAT JOB!! :clapsmiley:

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I am proud to be a member of this community. :)


Same goes for me, there are no other in this really.

Only PBBans can provide this so far, and thanks to the code-monkeys at PBBans and the SGA's who made this possible :)

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:) We are also proud to be apart of pbbans :D Happy B day and keep up the great work.


Pls ppl dont forget pbbans ppl are volunteering there time to stop the hacking. So any type of donation would be appreciated :) anything helps, And its well deserve :D once again keep up the great work.

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Were new to this but were proud to stream to PBBans.


Thank you from all at -Lu |



What he said

PBBans rules!!!!



Yep what they say good work guys

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Congratulations on getting all the streaming servers, as a staff member of the [uKm] clan, I and other staff members along with the clan fully support the work that you do.


Great achievement, keep up the good work!

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