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<_< Last night in the =EFF= Elite fragging force DM server a player named -YOURMOM- Was PB banned, by myself for aimbotting and exploiting with cheats.


I come to PB Bans and see that he is clean?! and I can't see clean players :blink: :o


It was headshot after headshot with this guy, and you could tell by the way he moved that he was locking on, as it looked like he was doing the robotic dance.... Seriously this is badass stuff :lol:


:angry: Answer for why he is unbanned please? I take it he appealed and said his innocent way of "I don't cheat I'm a good boy, spec me if you must".


Any Ideas why?



=EFF= Server Admin


*EDIT = Sorry forgot to mention the game.... COD4

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Only way he can be added to Master Ban Index is if 1) you are streaming your server and 2) PB itself reveals a hack. If you as an admin manually ban him, it will only affect your own server, not the entire network.


Looking closer it seems like you're not streaming here. I really would recommend you doing so!

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I'm ready to set our =EFF= server up to the PB ban streaming


Help would be kindly appreciated :)




Recommend jumping on the PBBans IRC if assistance is needed. There is usually someone there that can help out. Just have patience if no one responds immdiately. And of course review the link posted by fozzer. :)

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