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xfire or fraps?


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hello RoadWarrior,


Does that mean pbbans staff don't except videos of cheaters as poof they have cheated?


and if so why not?


To expand upon Blackwolf's post - we do not allow them as they are considered "tampered evidence" and can not be verified by streaming server logs.

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Plus, if the person recording hasn't got the best machine, the FPS of the video may become so low that it could distort the image, also which could make the video bias...


If you want to know how here goes>>>>


when in game, choose spectator (you probs know)

Console by using the key to the left of number one (`)

type \record to start the film rolling

>>>>do as much as you want, a couple of rounds is a good amount<<<<

then \stoprecord


Got to you C:\program files....... (COD4 folder)


Select main folder then demo's.... get the demo and cut it (ctrl+x)


go back to COD4 folder click "players" folder then create new folder called demos paste the demo in the demos folder


go into game type (to watch demo1) (console/`) \demo demo1


and you should be watching it.... obviously, upload the demo to a webhosting service so you can share with pbbans :)

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Well that was pretty fast relying, by you staff, thanks!


I'am as you know new here I'am also not familar with some of the terms you guys use like MBL and others on top

of this site. Maybe I will learn somthing.


thanks for the input!

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Also, FRAPS and Xfire videos take a lot of resources to record and transfer...with minimum quality at the other end. Demos are a much better technology anyway.

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as just to let you know you need to be streaming your server at the time of the demo... I see your not a sga. if you need help streaming let me know or one of the staff :)



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