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Ventrilo Feedback / sound settings.


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Right well i've been fiddling with the sound for the past 2hrs now and can no longer be arsed to do it anymore, Maybe someone here knows how to fix this..


Problem: When i speak in-game the other people on ventrilo can bearly hear me, What they can hear is the game sounds.. gunfire, nades, ambient, music etc, my voice is a distant blip.


Headset: clickme

Sound: Realtek HD



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In your sound card/chip's properties, move your microphone slider all the way up, put a check into the mute box at the bottom(cancels background noise, not voice) and then go into advanced and make sure the boost option is checked as well.

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I fixed this......




Typing in the "how you fixed it" would be beneficial. Just making a generic post with no useful information to others is rather pointless.

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I don't know mate this helped me.


Stolen from the Evil Clan forums, who stole it from the wow guilds forum.


Every guild's Ventrilo has the one person who talks way too loud (usually a young and/or drunk person) and the one person who talks way too quietly (usually the raid leader, main healer, main tank, or someone else totally vital to the raid.) But luckily for us, Thrux of Darkspear has come up with a handy guide to normalize everyone's voice on Vent:


* Go to Setup

* Enable Direct Sound

* Select the SFX Button

* Select Compressor and click Add.

* Under Compressor Properties use the following settings:

Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be. (I use 15)

Attack = 0.01

Release = Around 500

Threshold = Around -30

Ratio = 100

Pre delay = 4.0

* Done!


Thrux explains exactly what each of the settings does in his post, but I've found that his recommendations work pretty well. I've been using them myself, and Vent is altogether a more pleasant and quiet place. Now if there were only settings to get rid of the "I'm so high" dude ...


(Stolen from my wow guilds forum) smile.gif

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Now if there were only settings to get rid of the "I'm so high" dude ...


The setting for that is to quit playing rpg's or mmorpgs ;) :P


Sorry, I couldn't resist. Pretty much every "stoner" I've ever known plays them, is addicted to them, and thinks they're god's gift to gaming. Meanwhile, the rest of us want to just shoot something and grab some adrenaline as a high.


My only other alternative for the adren is cranking up the bike on a nice curvy road and listening to the sweet sound of a tuned pipe at 13000 rpm while dragging a knee in the corners.

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