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Question for the admins...


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Ok mates,

Have applied here in the forums, and I assume for an account as well. Our clan's servers are not posted in the streaming new admissions thread as yet, so am asking, how long does this take? In case I had not applied fully, I punched in our Cod2 and 4 server IP's and ports in the proper place to see if they were streaming, and they were not found to be. Info box tells me to apply, which I did three times with info already sent. I then get an error box that tells me the clan tag is already in use. Does this mean my application DID get submitted? When I go into account management, it tells me access denied, I must have an account. Am VERY confused here, so if any admin can help, please do!! Thanks..... ;)

And yes, I did follow the step by step instructions using HLSW to set the servers up to stream...

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