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banned for killing too much allies


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Hi, i'm french, sorry for my poor english, but i have a problem in battlefield2.


Yesterday i was playing on a french infantry server of the 7


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Your PB GUID is clean on the PBBans MBI (not banned) sounds like a local ban by the server admin. What message do you get when kicked off these servers ?


EDIT: SS just loaded.. What does that say in english if you can translate ?

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thanx for answers but if i go to another server it makes the same thing and kick me ...



16h55 : now i can play on other servers, it is better, i'm still banned on the 7

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I can only assume your joining servers that don't like you. ;)


The message your getting can not be the same on every server! You where only banned locally on the server above, and every server is likely to have a completely different ban reason.


What's your ban reasons on other servers? (Specifically) Your simply trying to join servers your already banned from. Join a different one. :)

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no no major hit squad, yesterday when i was trying to enter on hyenes server and 7eme i was having the same answer that an administrator kicked me because i killed too much allies, and i was banned only on the 7

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As an added note to BF2 game-admin, this is why we, at PBBans, do not advocate a sharing of your personal ban/watch-lists.


Just because you feel someone is hacking, and with no proof, ban them, that is up to you for your local server, not up to you and the BF2 community to share a ban-list that has no proof, and no real single, solid, valid reason to ban someone.


Banning someone who is innocent until proven guilty is just that. Banning with solid evidence, that can be verified by SS, by streamed logs, and additional information is the only way to go.


I played BF2 for a very short period of time, and personally, I never have run a server for it, so perhaps I do not see things quite the same way as you do. But I have versed up on it's various bugs, and have learned a lot about it by listening to those that have, past and present.


You can't sit here and be hack-hunters, without realizing that you're still playing a game, and a game is supposed to be fun for you, as well, as admin.


If you've found it isn't, my suggestion is simple. Find a game that is, and move on, or perhaps back down on the constant "This guy is a HACKER!" Threads that have no proof, no basis, and no grounds to even be in these forums, shy of STREAMED EVIDENCE!


I'm not posting this to be rude to anyone, nor am I being condescending in nature, with it, but there is a process here, at PBBans, that needs to be worked with, and adhered to. We base bans on valid information, streamed to us, by your servers, pbss, etc, submitted by you.


Not some random thread created that "so and so crashed my server", which related to an EA bug, or any of the various other EA-related bugs in the game.


Other games have had/do have bugs in them too, that need to be patched by the DEV's themselves, and you're not alone in that field. What game dev's do with those bugs is not up to us, nor our responsibility.


We deal strictly with cheats that can be detected, that we can get a grasp on, and break down.


The process is well documented in all the game-related forums, public initial stickies, etc, and I suggest that anyone and everyone take a moment to re-read them, and work with them.


We're here, to do our best to help you, and to help keep cheaters off your servers. But issues such as an EA patch that is needed is well past our control, and completely not the responsibility of PBBans, and as such, should be left off the PBBans forums so we can get on with what we do best.


I hope all BF2 and any other BF-series game admin will read this, and appreciate the fact that while we do understand your frustration with the bugs in the games, we can't fix them, that's EA's responsibility.


What we do, is add additional cheat-detections to your servers that you did not have with pb alone, and now you're better protected. That's what we do for all pb-related games. That's what we do best.


Your co-operation is appreciated, and of course, we would not be here, without you, and thank you for your support of us.

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