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Fix PunkBuster Evenbalance!

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History: On 9/12/08 a server that had modifications made to it , with the intent to cripple the PunkBuster system, submitted data which was added to the MBI. This exploit appears to be in the EvenBalance (PunkBuster) side of things. (Streaming Game Admins can see more info in the private section)


PBBans has removed data that was submitted fraudulently, but the vulnerability this exploit and it's public knowledge leaves the ability to continue this exploit a real threat. No streaming server is safe.


Action: Please post a reply here if you desire for EvenBalance (Makers of Punk Buster) to fix the exploits in their software that potentially will cripple the users of it's software (YOU) the ability to enjoy a game without a majority of those who use cheats.


Also take a moment to sign the petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/fixpb001/petition.html


This is not a discussion thread, simply post if you agree that EB needs to fix the software they manage.


Thank you,


Brian - Altered Reality Gaming


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