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Question Again...


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K im getting the same thing is BF2 Now and I updated PB and BF2 and i still get THE SAME RESULT..... <_<


BTw MY orginal Question Was How to Fix this problem btw. Oh yea and the problem is i keep getting corrupted packet Flow...

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You could just add to your original thread to keep all the information relative and in one place so we can follow along a little easier.


Edit: Merged for conveniece to help you better. Future reference, use this topic and post any errors you are getting. Please take the time to copy down the exact pb-kick error and post it here, not just a version of it in your own words. We need the exact kick-message issued to you.

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Now, to ask a question to find out further information. Are you attempting to reconnect right after the kick? If so, do you get into any of the games?


Lately, I've been getting the same thing with COD4 on initial connect, and after one kick for corrupt packet-flow, I immediately reconnect with no issue. Give it a try.

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Are you behind a router? On wireless internet perhaps?


Check to make sure your router allows the game to connect. This will depend on your router, so I can't be specific on exactly what to do. You will have to open the game-port for BF2 if it is blocked. Check to make sure your firewall is not blocking pb or the game in any way. Lastly, if on wireless, try plugging in directly to the router, or the modem. Wireless has never been good for gaming.

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I think the game doesnt like me.. or PB just hates me <_< I keep Getting corrupted packet flow losing key packets packets not handshaking all this stuff ive done everything updated the game PB and ive run that pbvcs or whatever and I CANT PLAY for more than 5second without getting this stupid Error Im about to shoot my comp in a second im So FRUSTRATED :angry: :angry: :angry:

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Another question for you. Are you running this game on a Windows Vista operating system? If so, try right-clicking the icon, and first, set it to run in backward compatibility mode for XP, secondly, run the game as administrator.


If you're on XP, I'm not sure what to say.


A second possibility, is to open the folder in which BF2 is installed, and find your pb folder. Right-click it, and re-name it to pb_old.


Now create a new folder named pb, and slide your pbsetup.exe file into it, and run it. This will create all the pb files from scratch, without any of the old files being in place, or being over-written. This sometimes works when nothing else will. Give it a shot, and keep us informed. Hopefully this works for you.

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