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Streaming Server on a new IP


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My GSP changed my server IP w/o telling me and now my server is not streaming anymore. Should I just add it as another server with the new IP as there does not seem to be a way to modify the IP field for my existing server.



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Are you a MyIS customer perhaps? They do send e-mails, but often, they end up in your spam-box or junk folder. I still get the e-mails from them, and I haven't been a customer for nearly 6 months.

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Thanks for info. I've added our new server IP, I haven't set up the streaming cause there is bunch of people on right now and I didn't want tempt fate and cause a crash. I will get the streaming commands in tomorrow.

The status says waiting admin approval - do i have to wait till that is approved or can i just go ahead and enter the streaming commands?



Yes we are with MyIS.


They said all our configs were saved and moved over. Well lone and behold I was looking at my ban list in the BF2142cc and it was empty. *sigh*.

I had a backup of the ban list from a month ago which I imported, itsucks cause we banned a bunch of people stat padding and other related issues since then.

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you can go ahead and enter in the streaming commands



thanks the server was already streaming by the time I got to it. I entered them again anyways.

It is safe to delete my old server now or is that something you guys do?

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u can delete it on your own. On a side note you should have received the emails from MYIS like 3 days before they did it i tryed to fight with them to get my new ip early so i could tell all my players but got nothing.... oh well they got 1 more month if i dont get my player base back im thinking on closing the server.

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