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Voice in #pbbans


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At times L acts up and doesn't perform as it should. This is a major flaw with irc. You will need to message an op when you are having problems on irc as generally your not receiving voice is due to L acting oddly. Sorry for the incovenience but it's out of our hands.

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hmmmm .. i wonder if i can revive an old topic :P


voice is not a given re irc ... in most channels there are channel @'s, and voiced peeps are those that are regular trusted idlers .. the rest get nothing :)


the reason is that if an @ wishes to moderate a channel only @ and voiced peeps can actually send to the channel


we started giving auto voice to anyone who joins our irc channel purely as a "welcome to pbbans feel free to chat" type of message .. its a courtesy that has not been abused yet so will continue for the forseeable future

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